Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cheap Thrills I am Loving Right Now

Hi Beauties,

So not all of us are rolling in the dough, per say.  However, a little run to CVS always seems more appealing to the bank account then, say, a Sephora shopping spree.  So, if your makeup collection is in need of a little pick me up, here is the list of my current, favorite Flawless Cheap Thrills!


Since it is the end of summer, my tan is in full effect.  I am very freckled in the summer months, so I like to avoid full coverage foundation and stick to powder foundation to avoid covering them up.  This product is great for everyday coverage, it is light to medium depending on the amount of powder you apply.  Since it is a powder, it is not as full coverage as a typical liquid foundation, which I prefer in the hot summer months.

Maybelline Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation is a great lightweight, breathable foundation.  I use a Total Face brush by ELF Cosmetics ($1) and apply the powder all over my face over my moisturizer.  This is definitely NOT full coverage, but it is good at evening out skin tone without hiding my freckles.

Breaking the Bank?
Definitely a Cheap Thrill at only $9.99 at drugstores!


This product is my current favorite eye shadow palette.  It is incredibly afforadble and the colors are so very pigmented.  NYX 10-Color Eye Shadow Palette in Smokey Eye has the most beautiful neutral colors.  They range from brown to black and have great highlights mixed into the palette.  Currently, this is the palette I reach for in the mornings to do my makeup.
The colors are both on the matte side and the glittered side, however, the glitter is not tacky at all.  I find it's best to start with the golden colors as a base and then apply a shimmery color over a matted one in the same color family.  

Breaking the Bank?
At only $11 it is impossible not to call this a cheap thrill.... it's only $1 a color!!


This lipstick is perfection.  The formula glides on so silk like and the finish is glossy and elegant.  I am really enjoying this cheap thrill and may be heading back to the drugstore to pick up a few more colors.

Revlon Color Burst Lipstick is a definite must buy for back to school.  Any color would look flawless since the formula is so spot on.  However, my personal favorite is Pink Sugar and Peach.  Both are muted pinks that could be called a nude.  In a previous post I compared Pink Sugar to MAC's Hue Lipstick (my all time favorite) and I still agree.  Peach is a little more pigmented, but it is still rather nude.  Bottom line, between the packaging, the colors and the final product, I think this product is Flawless.
Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Peach

Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Pink Sugar

Breaking the Bank?
Only $8.99 at drug stores, it is on the higher end of Revlon lip products, but 100% worth the extra buck... in fact, why not pick up two!

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer Flawless Review

Hi Beauties,

Under eye circles are my beauty blemish.  I have purply circles that need an industrial strength concealer to cover them up.  At my last trip to Ulta, I picked up Boi-ing Concealer by Benefit Cosmetics because it said it was just that: Industrial Strength.  While the limited selection of shades (01-light, 02-medium) scared me, the Ulta sales girl said it worked great... she was right.

Boi-ing 01-light is perfect for my under eye circles as well as my blemishes and red spots.  I prefer to use a concealer brush because I find that when I use my fingers, I have to add more product then I do with the brush.  I put it on top of my foundation and it blends into my skin very well so it is not noticeable.  Erase Paste by Benefit also claims to cover eye circles but it is more of a pink undertone which really cannot work anywhere but your eyes, so I decided to try boi-ing which doubles as an eye circle eraser and a full face concealer. It is now my every day concealer and I am very happy with my purchase.  However, it is not in a tube so if you prefer squeezable liquids for concealers, Boi-ing may not have the application/consistency that you prefer.

Boi-ing Concealer (01-light) by Benefit Cosmetics

Flawless Scale
Price: $19
Pick Me Up: Sephora Stores, Ulta Stores, Sephora Online, Ulta Online, Benefit Cosmetics Online
Bottom Line: As long as you are not picky about the application (brushing vs. squeezing) this concealer is a wonderful buy.  Covers flawlessly with minimal product.

MAC Lipstick: The Flawless Shade

Hi Beauties,

I know for a lot of you, the MAC lipstick counter can be overwhelming.  I went there today spur of the moment with absolutely no color in mind, the unfortunate makeup artist had to swatch me so many times she must have been glad when I left.  The key to a successful MAC run is knowing what you want.  This color in particular is my absolute favorite MAC color.  It is my go-to everyday whereable lip shade and I love it for every occasion.

If you are starting your MAC collection, or are just looking for a back to school shade, MAC Lipstick in HUE is an ideal choice. This color is advertised as a "soft pale pink (glaze)" and it is true to its description.  Hue is a soft pinky neutral that is nude enough for everyday but still has enough color to make your face pop.  It is a sheen finish so the addition of gloss is totally up to you.  The best part is no lip liner is needed!

MAC Lipstick in Hue

Flawless Scale
Price:  $14.50
Pick Me Up: MAC Counters, Stores, and Online
Too Expensive?: Try Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Pink Sugar

Bottom Line: Buy it.  It is my Must Have MAC shade.... for now ;)